Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Um, I think you're missing the point...

A few years back I received a call from a concerned parent.  Another student had threatened to stab her son.  While threats are always a concern, in this instance (as most) the guilty party was not literal in his declaration.  Regardless, I assured mom I would address the threat and assured her that her son was safe.  Mom thanked me.

She then continued to stress that it was really important that her son not be stabbed.  First, she explained, her son is a thin boy and may not be able to sustain a knife stab as much a heavier child.  She continued by explaining that she was physically unable to have more children and would not be able to 'make another son' if he were to die.  Are these really the two best reasons why her son shouldn't be stabbed?  This is usually where I bash the phone into my head once or twice.  It doesn't make the conversations clarity any better, yet I so often feel the need.

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