Monday, February 13, 2012

Adventures In Job Interviews

Several years ago I was interviewing for an administrative position in an extremely rural area.  It didn't take long for me to realize that this wasn't the right position for me.  While the school seemed great and the people were all very nice, I had been in more urban settings and this job wouldn't have been a very good fit.  The school board was doing the interviewing and I just mentally had decided to interview as aggressively as I normally would using the remainder of the questions as practice & experience.

One of the board members, while glancing over my resume commented on a middle school I had previously worked at.  "What sort of discipline did you deal with while you were there?"  I assumed this was the point in the interview where I was supposed to qualify myself in terms of discipline management.  The school he referenced was a rough one no doubt.  He'd really set me up for a home run answer.

I tried to act casual.  "Guns, knives, gangs, drugs, fights, teacher disrespect, student drinking, assault on staff... you name it, I pretty much saw it over there."

The board member got white as ghost.  After a long pause he squeaked out, "My daughter's student teaching there in the fall..."

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