Friday, June 13, 2014

Stay At Home Mom

A note had gone home inviting parents to an end of the year event at our school.  Steven was a messy first grader who frequently lost such correspondence between it being given to him and his arrival at home.  He was also a little sneaky and thought he was more clever than he in fact was.  His teacher of course was aware of this.

"Steven, did you give your mother the note about parents night?"

"Oh, she's not coming" replied Steven casually.

"Steven- did you, or did you not, give your mom that note?" his teacher pushed.

Steven, becoming a little short, pushed back. "Okay!  I didn't give her the note, because I KNOW she's not coming!"

"Sweetie, how you know for sure your mom is not coming to an event she may not even know is happening?"

"Because" Steven confidently began, "I heard her tell someone last week that she's a stay at home mom!"