Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Swingline Could Be Yours... If The Price Is Right...!

I student taught at a large high school.  During that time, the majority of the department I was in left for several days to attend a national conference out of state.  This left the majority of the students with substitute teachers for about a week.  Generally, teachers worry about how their students will behave with a substitute, but at times the larger concern may be the substitutes themselves...

In one classroom a female substitute put her first name on the board, and began telling the class how many times a day she and her boyfriend had sex.  She emphasized the importance of women receiving pleasure.  Administration got word of this routine shortly before lunch time and called her down to send her home.  When they talked to her, she openly shared what she was doing, and asked when they would need her next (and inquired about full time employment).  She had no idea her sharing her orgasm count might potentially be frowned upon.

My favorite though happened down the hall the same week.  The substitute disregarded the teacher's lesson plans and instead played games all week.  This might not have been that big of a deal except the substitute gave away all the teachers supplies as prizes!  The regular teacher returned to a cleaned out classroom.  His stapler, scissors, pens, wipe board eraser- everything had been handed out to some very lucky participants.

Subbing is a terribly difficult job and good one's are treasures.  There's no harm in laughing at some of the adventures the poor one's create though...

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