Monday, February 27, 2012

Barber Shop Boss

A close friend of mine worked at a local junior high for a principal who was universally hated by the staff and did all sort of bizarre, potentially illegal things.  It's always an amazement to me how some of these administrators can keep their jobs for so long when their incompetence is so widely known.  But anyway...

As my buddy and I would share work stories over a beer now and then, he'd always bitch about his boss.  A lot of the stories were pretty good! He's read the entire newspaper in the garage with the custodian each morning.  He'd buy himself lunch regularly out of the office petty cash.  He'd call female teachers on the weekends when he was drunk.  However, I'll admit as unacceptable as the aforementioned instances are, there were other times my friend would complain and I would understand why his principal was doing what he was doing.

One day my pal starts complaining that his boss runs his personnel errands during the school day.  I'm guilty of occasionally filling up the gas tank or picking up a prescription while I'm out running between central office and school, and admitted this to my friend.

"Yeah- well do you get your haircut in the middle of the school day?!"   Ouch.

Principals need to be more acutely aware of how closely their staff watch them.  Of course, when you return to work with a new hair style, even those who are barely paying attention notice.  It's a quick way to lose your teaching staff and destroy a school.

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