Monday, May 7, 2012

The Possible Perks Of Working Late

I was a little pissed at Mike who was our head of building and grounds.  I needed a night custodian and Mike was setting up the interviews.  Mike is pretty much the nicest guy in the world, so when one of the candidates said he couldn't make it till 6:30, he said okay.

The last interview before this goof started was at 4:30, so I would have been annoyed under normal circumstances having to sit around roughly 2 hours for an interview.  But on this particular evening, a major snow storm was set to hit the area.  I live a decent ways from work and snow is no friend to my commute.

Sure enough, as we sat waiting around for this last interview, the weather man picked tonight to be spot on with his prediction.  Huge flakes paired with giant gusts of wind engulfed the area.  Snow began to pile up quickly, and I started wondering if it might be easier to sleep on the nurses cot (aka, feeling sorry for myself).

To the candidates credit, he showed up on time despite the terrible conditions.  He seemed like a decent enough fellow, but it was pretty clear early on he wasn't what we were looking for (making staying late even more frustrating).

When the interview concluded, I walked the guy to the door while giving him the usual post interview lines ("We'll be in touch").  As we got to the doorway I said, "Be safe driving."

"Oh, I don't drive.  I rode my bicycle here."

There was already about six inches of snow on the ground.  I watched as this guy unchained his bike and began attempting to peddle through a fucking blizzard.  He looked like someone swimming against a heavy current.  His tires were spinning in place and the wind was literally blowing him back.  Mike and I stood in the window watching this train wreck and trying our bests not to pee in our pants.  Man, was I glad I didn't miss that!

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