Monday, March 5, 2012

My Best Frank Drebin Impersonation

During state standardized testing a couple years back I was working with a group of special education students  in 6th grade who had accommodations including extra time to complete the exam.  One of the girls, Kelly, had a 504 plan for high anxiety, but was also hearing impaired.  On this particular day of testing, the math portion of the exam was being given and students were allowed to have the test read aloud to them.  Due to Kelly's hearing need, I had to wear an FM system (basically a small microphone) so Kelly could hear what I was saying.  The classroom teacher working with Kelly always had the mic on so we were all used to this.

The testing went fine, but I'll confess to being a massive coffee drinker and was about to make a puddle on the floor.  As casually as I could when the last student finished, I dashed across the hall to the teacher's bathroom and began fumbling with my belt & zipper as my eyes started to gently water.

Finally, I got everything aimed where it need to be and sweet relief was mine at last.  My urine was hitting the toilet water like Niagara Falls and I probably classed up the moment a little further with a few soft moans of joy  that normal people reserve for the bedroom.  About half through emptying out roughly 12 cups of black coffee, I realized I still had the FM system on.  I had to pinch off my stream so I could free up my hand to turn off the damn mic.  I then finished my business in general horror.  I quickly washed my hands and opened the door.  There was Kelly, hand out stretched for her wireless system (probably more embarrassed than I was).

Luckily Kelly was an awesome girl who used to kid that she'd be writing a book about at the things she heard teachers say while forgetting to turn the mic off out in the hall.  I guess it's good it wasn't a number 2....

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