Friday, March 11, 2016

Viva Las Vegas?

Randall was a sweet likable boy, despite his cognitive challenges.  Teachers enjoyed having him in their classrooms over the years despite the extra work he required. 

While in 4th grade,  the students were working on providing evidence for writing.  The assignment was for students to write about their dream vacation while providing support for their decision.   Randall struggled with basically all writing.  Further, coming from poverty is was unlikely he had ever visited any places located more than an hour from wherever his family was living at the time, and it was additionally unlikely that Randall had ever even been on traditional vacation.  Thus, the teacher was caught of guard when Randall announced during small group instruction that he wanted to go to Las Vegas for his dream vacation.

"Um, well ok.  But Randall, now you have to explain your reasons for wanting to go to Las Vegas for your readers.  Why did you pick Las Vegas?"

"Cuz I wanna go to a strip club!"

Careful what you ask for...

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