Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crime Isn't For All Kids

There have been certain kids over the years who I have had to sit down and say, "Look, you stink at misbehavior.  You get caught every time.  Crime just isn't for you.  It might be easier for you to just behave."  Kurt was one of those kids.

Kurt was impossible not to love despite being a handful in the class.  He was a little guy with fire orange hair that allowed him to stand out beyond his obnoxious classroom behavior.  Kurt was harmless in his intentions, but one of those kids who seemed to be out in the hall getting lectured for one thing or another every day, every year, etc.

One day while in 4th grade, Kurt was asked to hand out math folders (he was the type of kid who you had those time consuming problem solving meetings on and came away from the table with great strategies like, 'maybe if we gave him some jobs and let him move more it would solve everything!').  One cute little girl's folder was missing when he finished.  Kurt didn't know where it was, and the girl swore she never got it.  They checked desks, lockers, and everyone made sure they had their own.  Nothing.  

When hope appeared lost (and lot's of time wasted), Kurt noticed a similar looking folder under a pile of papers on the teacher's messy desk.  When they pulled it out, sure enough, it was the girls.  Kurt was a hero!  The teacher was baffled. 

The problem for our hero here was that on this particular day, the teacher was taping herself as part of a reflective self improvement effort.  When she watched the video (which the kids knew about!), there was Kurt, sneakily jamming the folder under the papers.

When Kurt's teacher questioned him the next day on if he knew how that folder got where it did, predictably  he claimed to not know what made water boil.  "Kurt, you do remember that I was taping that day, don't you?"

Kurt's face got as red as his hair.  Like I said, some kids just suck as being bad.  

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